‘Orbis’ contemplates a transient global consumer economy. 

This observational documentary is an experimental journey through one South Africa’s largest townships Umlazi, its inhabitants existence shaped by their proximity to Africa’s busiest port - Durban.

The threads of four lives revealed, Pelalani sets off early each morning with a shopping trolly hunting for scrap metal, destroying televisions, fridges and microwaves. 14 year old Siyabonga draws the Nike sign onto his plain shoes whilst staring at the cemetery opposite his house. Avela only 11 is  bullied by her classmates for being obese she dreams of learning to swim, turning to the local seamstress Dudu to create a bright yellow swimming costume.

‘Orbis’ is a meditation on the circulatory nature of the global consumer economy. Durban’s port never sleeps, overseeing raw material endlessly traversing the globe, temporarily shaped as fridges, televisions, washing machines, ultimately destroyed, returned to a creator, reshaped into a new product, trapped in an eternal cycle. 

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